Jazz (Jasper Dent) – 17-year old son of Billy Dent, a serial killer.

Billy Dent – Jazz’s father. One of the most prolific serial killers in America. Caught 4 years ago by Sheriff G. William Tanner.

G. William Tanner – Sheriff of Lobo’s Nod. A widower. Claim to fame is that he caught Billy Dent, America’s most infamous serial killer.

Ginny Davis – Jazz’s drama teacher. Directing “The Crucible” this year. Impressionist’s 4th victim.

Gramma Dent – Jazz’s late grandmother. Billy’s mother. Has guardianship of Jazz. Has severe dementia/Alzheimer’s.

Janice Dent – Jazz’s mom. Disappeared when Jazz was young. Presumed to have been murdered by Billy.

Deputy Erickson – Lobo’s Nod’s newest police officer. First on scene of the first two murders.

Jeff Fulton – alleged father of Harriet Klein, one of Billy’s victims.

Howie Gersten – Jazz’s best friend. Has a severe case of hemophilia.

Helen – Waitress at the local coffee spot. The Impressionist’s 3rd victim.

Connie Hall – Jazz’s girlfriend. A black 17-year old girl interested in acting.

Melissa Hoover – Jazz’s social worker. Concerned over Gramma’s mental deterioration, she wants to remove Jazz from his grandmother’s and put him in a foster home.

The Impressionist – The serial killer haunting Lobo’s Nod. Idolizes Billy Dent.

Lana – Sheriff’s secretary. Only a few years older than Jazz.

Doug Weathers – Local reporter. Billy Dent’s capture catapulted him into the national spotlight.

Ugly J - A serial killer and accomplice to Billy Dent.

HatDog - A killer with a style that keeps changing. He prospects in NYC

Samantha J. Dent - Billy Dent's sister and Jazz's aunt. Claims to hate billy and moved away from him long before he was caught.

Grandfather Dent - Wife to Gramma Dent, died 3 years before jazz was born. his corpse had billy's notebook on it.

Detective Morales - An FBI agent who worked to catch billy under the name Green Jack. She was a key part in solving Hatdog's murder spree